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Some facts about us.


I am Marina ,I  am engaged  in breeding the smallest dog, one of the ancient and mysterious in the world. I am fond of  this  breed . Clever, funny ,charming Chihuahua once  came into my life. And  are  still there.


My father has   cultivated me  love to animals   since my childhood and  I am gratefull  for that. By the way, now they have Chihuahua from my nursery called Dolly ,which they adore very much. For all my life  I have had dogs ,but I was not particular  about any breed. But it happened that in 1997,august 10, I was offered a  puppy  Chihuahua  from Moscow nursery  ‘’NASVIT’’-Natalya   Svirkina .I  even hardly suspected that  taking this puppy. I  could love him with  all my heart. It  is really unique dog .And  more I know  this breed ,the more I convince  that   it is the best …Natalya  revealed this breed for me and aroused great interest to take  up breeding these dogs.


Now I have 7 dogs ,two of these are taken from other nurseries, and 5 dogs are from mine. I am


Grateful for professional help  to  Natalya  Mamedova ‘’MAGIC SHOW’’

I  wish her success in all her deals .


The nursery ‘’BALTIC DELIGHT’’ registered  21.08.2003 №38/2003


Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: marina@chihua.ee